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Pear contains exceptional nutritional. Each year, one pear tree can produce hundreds of fruits. Uniquely, this tree can live for 30 to 100 years. There are so many benefits of eating fruit on this one, among them:
1. Soothes digestion. Pectin and fiber in pears helps stop diarrhea and tannins can soothe an irritated digestive tract.

2. Keeps you hydrated. Pears are water-rich fruits can meet your fluid intake in the body.

3. Lowering cholesterol. Pear has a high pectin content (higher than apple). That's what makes it effective for reducing cholesterol levels in the body. Pectin absorbs fat in the intestines before they are absorbed through the blood stream.

4. Boost the immune system. Pears contain many vitamins like A, K, C, B2, calcium, B3, B6, minerals, magnesium, potassium, and copper. Thus, the pear is great for keeping the immune system.

5. Prevent cancer. Hydroxycinnamic acid content found in pears can prevent stomach cancer and lung cancer.

6. Prevent Osteoporosis. Pears contain boron that the body needs to maintain calcium, which can help prevent osteoporosis.

Already know the benefits of pears right, so do not hesitate to always taking it.

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